Sunday, August 26, 2007


afew weeks ago, Iwent to my uncle and aunt's house, (Uncle Mac & Aunt Melisa,) and we had the funnest time! I went inner-tubing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, celabrate Abby & Emily's (my twin cousin's) birthday, and play video games! But, they had a 2 disc DVD of The partridge family season 1! We watched 2 episodes and they let us borrow it! I have a question for you, can you find ruebin?
Do you like Trivia? then you'll like...
The partidge family TRIVIA GAME!
1. How old is danny?
2. What year was the partridge family debute?
3. What song did they sing in the 1st episode?
4. What does it say on the back of the Bus?
5.Who is the youngest in the group?
answers 1:10. 2:1970. 3:Let the good times in. 4.careful, nervous mother
driving. 5.Trasy


DAD said...

I Think I love.....IT !!!!!!

pedro said...

Muy bien Senor Bob!!! Where have you been doing?

weeklybob said...

Well, pedro, I've had a busy summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob!!!

Fantastic picture! I used to love this show. I had a MAJOR crush on David Cassidy. (Hopefully, Dad remembers his character name in the show.) I think Reuben is the fellow you have in the front with a guitar with really thick hair. It was really red hair!
Great job! Love you SO much, Aunt Susan

weeklybob said...

Aunt Susan, Reuben is their manager in the back. Danny is the one with the thick hair playing the guitar.

DAD ( aunt Susans Brother) said...

Susan...this was your favorite show??!!! How could you forget David Cassidy as Keith Partridge, their manager Rueben Kinkaid ( the mysterious figure watching over them in the picture), and that red-headed, bass playin', wisecrackin' rascal....Danny !! We'll let you borrow the DVD so you can refresh your memory. Love ya'!

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