Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Super team saves the day!

My friend and I came up with this.
My friend :luke, with lots of creative ideas.
He's my best friend. we've had alot of earlier ideas. I bet ya' we'll have more. OK, in the super team picture, let's start from left to right.
that means we'll start with Mario, if you've played: Super Mario 64 and Super Mario bros. you'll know his powers. OK, here they are: he can turn invisabal, and into metal, massive, he can fly and punch.

Next is: Sonic, the hedghog. He can : run faster than anyone, fight and roll like a hedghog.

Next is SuperBob he can: disapear, fight, invent and he's strong. the hat he has on makes him think and gives him his powers. we've made
alot of SuperBobs, but this is the one I want, and like.

Last but not least, Shadow, he can: run faster than anyone,
vanish, fight and roll like a hedghog. he is actually from the Sonic games too.

And that's the super team.

Happy mother 's day!

This is a card I gave to my Mom for mother's day. Well, actually it's from me and my brothers. My mom said: It was the best...
EVER! after church we had a special lunch, and mom got to pick the resturaunt. The best thing
was, I just got to spend time with my Mom.