Monday, January 8, 2007

Hey Mr. Spoonbill!

Hello every body! Did you know that I take art lessons?
Well here is a bird project I drue. Tweet! Tweet!


Mommy said...

Lovely Picture. Beautiful work, Bob!


Fred said...

...tweet,tweet??? SWEET, SWEET!!!

weeklybob said...

What kind of bird says SWEET SWEET??!!

anne Jarvis said...

I have never seen a spoonbill. Does the bird eat soup with its bill shaped like a spoon. Keep up the good work with your new art set.

Grace said...

did you find this bird in dallas?

i like it's beak. and i REALLY like your drawings.

pancho said...

Mr. Spoonbill es muy bueno!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Bob.

This bird looks exactly like the yamantzil bird that we have in the Amazon River Valley where I live.

Their feathers are so prized that when we find them on the jungle floor we have to give them to the chief because only HE can wear them in his headress.

Thank you the beautiful drawing,