Wednesday, December 6, 2006


I sent this picture to my uncl mac.I called it flowers in the meadow because I wanted to scare him! he said it scared the pants off him!


weeklybob said...

It scared my pants off too!

scared silly said...


Sean S. said...


Wow! That is a scary picture. I can see how it would scare your uncle.

Sean Swift

mac said...

dear weeklybobblog,
i must admit this is scary but i dont understand who this is and why do you call it flowers in the meadow? what this looks like to me is some sort of bat boy...i know bat boy and this looks more like his wife instead of him. anyway, he said to tell you hello and hopes to see you this christmas....

miss bat boy said...

thank you for the lovely picture! next time you come to my secret hiding place which is a canyon down on lake travis i will give you a big fat bite, i mean kiss!

Anonymous said...

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